Message From The Principal  

“Education is not so much the feeling of fact into the minds as the awakening of curiosity in the soul.”
We believe theat education is the bed-rock of all transformation and progress. At BHIS we pledge to make every effort to take the students on voyage of self discovery and of learining. The total school programme seeks to empower the child; it helps him to realize his optimum potential. They are equipped with an impeccable character and ideas to deal with the roller-coaster that life is.

We hold that a partnership between the school and the parents is critical to the overall development of your child. Together, we can ensure that the child, you place under our loving care, thrive and achieves his or her full potential. We try to attend each individually so that the talent and strengths; whether academic, social, sporting or artistic, can be recognized, chiseled and celebrated. We, at “Bright Home”, wish to assure that we are fully aware of nation building responsibility and are committed to the onerous task of not letting innocent childhood be sacrificed at the altar of mundane success. We are determined to produce enlightened and successful citizens and not the mere parrots.